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The biggest failure is not having the courage to dare. The single Diovi by the artist Hantz Folly

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Benin, but of Ghanaian origin, AYI Hantz Jose Armel appears as a must in urban music. Combining his surname and his first names, he made a place in the game and became known as Hantz Folly. His experience in the field leaves no one indifferent. Everything started from an idea of ​​creating a rap group.

While still in high school, in 2005 he formed the 380 group with one of his friends who later went to live under other skies. 380 will go a long way with epic and hardcore titles. Hantz's desire to increase his visibility and make his music even richer led him to collaborate for a while with Lascar Records, K-tuch beatz, Lmty Beatz and more particularly Meko Prod. This period will mark a decisive turning point in his career, as he will work with Nicoteen, Niyi Kosiberu, Emeraude, Sicool larumeur and Eskob le flambeau.

 The adventure will follow his course until he sets his anchors in the Benin rap through a street titled I Need Money. His studies being one of his priorities, he will join a Nigerian university in order to pursue his career path. He will not let the rap. Close to the rapper KeurBlaan (ex Snake), he integrated the YoungMostPopulaarGang (YMPOPULAARGANG) which will allow him better traced his route. On July 29, 2015, Hantz Folly released his first official freestyle: Crazy Hantz, who confirmed his talent. Followed by his Single "On the Rise" released in October 2015, where he was featuring with Jamrock 4 season Music).

Rapper in four languages: Mina, Ewé, French and English, he has more than one arrow in his quiver and decides to orient himself in another musical style: the afro-dancehall. He will later leave the YMPOPULAARGANG, but will remain on good terms with his peers. Since 2015, he initiated a collaboration with Raunybeatz from the label Black Legion Studio who works on his EP FOLLY ROOTS of 5 tracks which is on August 17 (day of his birthday) on his Youtube channel HANTZ FOLLY OFFICIAL

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