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AmeviGang 5-artists, rappers, composers (Da'Ghost, Dolar Fa, Der Erst, Slim P, NaTi) 1st official release and birth of the group on 1 December 2015 Current official output 2sons clip (AmeviGang. And AmeviStep) The 3rd sound promises to be very soon and excluded on to (Embrace- remix-). The group has the vision to showcase the slim form or slim shapes from where the name (Amevi) : This optic has also been very well received with more than a thousand downloads on the 1st day and 6,000 views on YouTube. Beyond this concept it is necessary to remember that to be "amevi" is a bit like being rasta, it is in the mind, in the head! Thus, even the fat person can venture to be "amevi" just as a bald can say he is rasta! The manager Young Blizzy also works great for the group to surround a dynamic staff El Legendario, Amevi Flo ... in partnership with Famous people the famous film director and Luck System Studio the home sound output. Artists 228 Lomé Togo AmeviGang is a friend and good-natured besides with most of the actor of the showbizz 228 (ParNousPourNous, Flash Marley, Lss, Get Ready Gang, zebegang etc ...) Most members of the group hold their bachelor's degree in law or medicine. Many thanks to the TalentFinders team, Tangui Tete, Wisdom Metropolis, Yyk, Mic Flammez pdrg, RapAfrica, DoingBuzz
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