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Csk young artist of the Togolese song, native of Davie (tsevie). The adventure begins in the years 2009 in the Arc House Communication studio of Mr. Kuroness where he recorded his first premiere with the collaboration of rapper G-Brown of the Regiment at the time, designer of the concept "Ébalé"! The story continued a few months later a Maniac Records where the career actually began! In 2010, a first video with the title "Fou de toi" with Renelov. A few words on the title of the actor in 2011 at the first solo release with his title "J'irai" "I will tell my life to those who bless me and I will say to all ..." A title that has impacted and that Revealed The artist to the public !! 2012-2013 a collaboration again with Renelov of the Blick des Maniacs was launched but not too promoted! After a musical break ,, the artist make a comeback in January 2015 now "Credostar king" with a love song titled "Love me" Olawoum laa olawoum laa ,, you gonna kill me bb ,, I'm crazy about you, I know more what I do, love me, I like me bb ... "Wep a sound that was well received by music lovers and testifies to a return in strength of the artist. From then on, hard work began. From 2015 to this day, lots of singles are out (Happy New Year, Real love ...) The year 2016 saw Csk bring her back with a big collaboration, a song, a masterpiece "African Woman" on which he collaborates with the Togolese 2Pac Yaovi super Khete'T !! A son who imposes himself in the musical arena, stormed the hearts of the music lovers. Inevitable!! This son is named in the categories Best of the Year and Best Revelation Artist! On the night of December 23, 2016, he rafted the trophy of the Best Artist Revelation of the year 2016! January 2017, the artist releases a superb song entitled "Honored Hawk" naturally to support the hawks to the can! February 2017, he launches the video of Égavonam, a song swung in the isine since September 2016! April 2017, he returns with a brand new simple, pure delight, good melody to talk about the realities in couples love, titled "Pardon", this unique is unanimously appreciated and never ceases to fire the crowd One every time the artist goes on stage! May 2017, Csk scales a cover of the famous hit "if" by the Nigerian artist Davido! A cover that takes on an unexpected dimension, very much liked by the public, which will push the artist to opt for a new project which is none but offering every month a cover of a song that makes the buzz on the international level Has its fans! This will bring the artist to swing in this month of August 2017 a brand new single "It will go" a little in the style offset cut off to give hope to a heart broken, a desperate, in short has a person waiting for a " good news! This release coupled with the second episode of the cover series! For this time, the artist attacks the second hit "Fall" of the same artist Davido! A revival that creates enormous polemics but yet very appreciated by the public! The video of Pardon launched in April 2017, a beautiful realization of PaulH Focus is already ready! The staff only wait until the end of August to serve the fans! For him and all his staff at Sun'Art Production and the King Music studio he owns, the adventure is just beginning! Projects, opening on the outside has feet of work. And as he is accustomed to assert "The vision is more immense than the universe" Long live the Togolese music !! Long live big projects to come and good wind to CSK ...
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